Gum Ammoniac - 30ml


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    A natural gum size made to a traditional recipe using Gum Ammoniac. The clear solution is used by calligraphers and artists to apply gold leaf to paper, parchment and vellum.

    Gum Ammoniac is fluid enough to use a fine brush or dip pen to add detailed illuminated (or gilded) areas such as those found on manuscripts, certificates and illustrated documents. The gum can be tinted with watercolours to help see where it has been applied. The fluid dries quickly to a glossy finish and additional applications may be necessary depending on the absorbency of the surface or whether a slightly raise area is desired. 

    Before applying the gold leaf, the dried Gum Ammoniac needs to be reactivated. This is done by breathing on it to make it tacky again. After 2-3 minutes, Gold leaf transfer can be placed directly over the tacky gum and burnished before removing the backing paper. If using loose Gold leaf, Glassine Paper can be placed over the gold before burnishing.

    Clean tools in hot water immediately after use.