Handover Oil-Based Gold Size 3 hour, 2 sizes


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    Handover's Oil-based Gold Size for applying gold leaf, Schlag or bronze powders. Choose from 250ml or 1000ml. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the size can be used over any non-porous surface including metal, glass, mirrors, baked polymer clay or glazed ceramics. It can also be used on surfaces, such as wood, canvas and board, that have been primed and sealed with a varnish.

    Surfaces should be free from dust, cleaned and dry before painting with a thin coat of size. The metal or gold leaf can be applied when it has become tacky (3 hours). Buff gently with cotton wool if desired (do not use a lateral motion as this will mark the leaf) and brush away scewings that have not adhered.

    Please note that there are a number of factors, such as humidity, that can increase or decrease the time to tackiness, especially when working outside or in direct heat. Allow 24 hours to cure before sealing (if required). Clean brushes with solvent.

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