Jewellery Findings

The place to buy your jewellery findings for use with silver clays. The fine silver findings can be fired in the clay and will not tarnish in the same way that sterling silver will. As they are made from pure silver, they will not devalue the 99.99% silver content of the silver clay, ensuring that the jewellery item can be hallmarked at an Assay Office. Theses pure silver bezels are sold in three sizes and can be used with the three sizes of gemstones offered here.

The cubic zirconia gemstones are available in a range of colours including amethyst, aquamarine, ruby red, garnet and clear and do not change colour when fired. The pure silver flat wire and round wire can also be worked into settings for these gemstones to use alongside Art Clay Silver clay and, again, will not devalue the end piece.

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In addition to the fine silver findings are a choice of sterling silver items for making earrings and necklaces, plus a selection of gilt findings with a silver or gold finish. The non-silver jewellery findings include leather thong for adding your own hook and spring end, fine coloured copper wires for crocheting, finger knitting or braiding, and the precious Abelone which is a thin sheet of mother of pearl shell.

To extend the selection still further, are a range of fine silk yarns and cotton yarns which can be found in the Weaving section, together with the precious gold and silver metallised yarns which can all braided using a Marudai, tablet weaving cards or a Lucet.

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