Fabric Paints

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Water based fabric paints containing pigment and an acrylic binder which become permanent and washable on fabric when set with heat.

Jacquard Dye Na Flow is a fluid paint which simulates dye and can be used on finely woven fabrics such as silk and cotton to create free flowing water colour effects. Deka Permanent, Jacquard Textile colours, Jacquard Lumiere and Jacquard Neopaque are less fluid so it is easier to control the spread of the paint. They are suitable for most fabrics and can be used on cotton, canvas, synthetics, fine knits, paper and board.

Jacquard Lumiere fabric paints contain fine mica powders and give glistening and metallic results, and Jacquard Neopaque provide outstanding coverage on dark coloured fabrics, while the other paints perform better on light coloured surfaces.

Derwent Inktense Blocks & Pencils

Jacquard Textile Colorless Extender

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