A vast selection of pens all designed for different practises. We include here ink filled pens, such as fibre-tipped colouring pens and fine-tipped technical pens, plus a selection of dip pens and nibs for use with bottled ink. There are also a selection of pens which can be used on fabrics.

The different types of ink filled pens have a choice of nib types and ink. There are ballpoint pens which have a ball in the nib which dispenses the ink as it is rolled across the surface of the paper. They produce an even flow of ink which dries quickly. Felt-tip or marker pens have a nib made from absorbent fibre which acts like a wick to soak up and dispense the ink held within the pen. The Derwent Graphik Line Painters incorporate a fibre-tip held within a stainless steel nib. The fibre-tip is charged with ink when the nib is pressed onto a surface and the volume of ink flow can be controlled by the number of depressions made. Brush tipped pens, such as the Pentel Fude Pen and the Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens, work in the same way as fibre-tipped pens and have bristles which can be used to create fine to broad lines in a single stroke. Fountain pens contain a refillable reservoir or cartridge of water based ink. A feed channels and controls the flow of ink to a split in the metal nib down to the tip.

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Dip pens are used by illustrators and calligraphers and the different types of interchangeable nibs will produce fine lines through to broad lines and even parallel lines. Advantages over other pens is that the nibs can be used with pigmented waterproof ink or iron gall ink which can cause other nibs to corrode or become clogged up. The Automatic Calligraphy pen incorporates a permanent nib which also has to be dipped in ink and has been designed to write and flow in any direction. Ruling Pens are traditionally used for creating fine rules and lines by artists and draftsmen. The pen consists of two slightly bent pointed prongs which are brought together by an adjustable screw. When dipped in ink, the prongs pick up a bead of ink which feeds the tip. In addition to pens, there are a range of brushes designed for calligraphy and these include the bamboo handled Chinese Brushes.

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