Pigments & Binders

Selectasine ECO Pigments and Binders for making screen printing inks and paints.

The Selectasine screen printing system comprises a selection of water based binders which can be mixed with the concentrated colour pigments. In addition to the standard SF20 binder, there is an opaque white and an opaque binder which will cover most dark colours, a metallic binder and fine metallic powders for creating gold or silver screen ink, a special pearlised binder for making pearlescent colours, and puff binders which expand when heat is applied. The resultant screen printing inks provide a flexible system for printers, artists and students.

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Different ratios of the binders to pigment will create a range of printing inks or paints which can be used on a variety of primed surfaces, paper and fabrics. The ratio of 35-50g of pigment to 1kg of binder will give full shade and is recommended for screen printing inks. The ink is made permanent on fabric by allowing it to dry before applying heat to set the binder. Careful measuring and note keeping will ensure screen ink colours can be repeated.

Pigments are available in 50g, 100g and 500g bottles and the binders range in sizes of 1 litre, 5 litre and 30kg.

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