Worsted High Twist Botany Wool Yarn - Nm 2/36 - 18tpi


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High twist botany wool yarn, worsted 2/36, 18tpi. Use to create collapse (crepe) woollen fabrics and combine with the balanced yarn for the contrasting areas. All three of the high twist yarns are illustrated.

We have tested the yarns reaction to dyeing with acid dyes at 80°C, and have found no significant reduction in the twist. Set at 15epi we created a strongly collapsed fabric. The highest twist is an excellent weft but not easy to use as a warp. We have been able to warp up with the 18tpi yarn, using the old trick of a ‘pop' sock on the spool to avoid kinking during yarn delivery. The yarns are just right for light open weave fabrics used in scarves and apparel panels, as well as decorative work.

250g cone