Meet the Team

The small team at George Weil are conscientious and multi-faceted – we’re here to help and if one of us doesn’t have the answer, another will!

Sales & Warehouse Manager – Jo
Jo runs the sales department and looks after all the picking, packing and dispatch of your orders, and managing the staff to ensure you are given the best service possible. She also takes responsibility for processing the payment of all monies onto the system.

Sales Assistant / Administrator – Sophie
We’re delighted to have Ian’s granddaughter Sophie working with us. Sophie is often the first person you talk to if you ring and is responsible for dispatching orders, serving in the shop, purchasing stock and many other things!

Warehouse Operator – Cara
Cara works in the warehouse, pre-packaging dyes, fibres and more, and checks in deliveries from all over the world. You may meet her in the showroom where she keeps displays topped up and serves customers, or find her at the other end of the process in the packing room getting your parcels ready for delivery. In another guise, Cara is a busy Nanny and leaves us at 3pm to pick up her charges.

Managing Director – Ian
Ian is the owner of George Weil and tries to keep out of the day-to-day side of running the business, this leaves him responsible for keeping the computer system up and running, and for answering the more complex or technical questions from customers.

Bookkeeper – David
David is responsible for keeping the accounts, paying the bills and chasing up the more dilatory of our customers. David usually works with us in the office on Mondays.

Graphics & Marketing Manager – Allison
Allison is responsible for the way we present ourselves to customers, through our advertising, social media and web site. She is responsible for graphics, copy, and the design and management of the web site.