Nylon Mesh Netting for Feltmaking & Silk Papermaking


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Fibre-glass reinforced nylon mesh measuring 120cm x 50cm and useful for a number of craft applications.

Silk Papermaking - the mesh does not slip when papermaking using adhesives. Place one piece on a table top, spread out fibres in a thin layer and then add a further two layers at right angles to the last. Lay a second piece of netting on top of the fibres before wetting with the CMC or Silk Paper Medium solution. Use a sponge to spread and then soak up the excess solution. Leave to dry before removing the netting.

Feltmaking - use the nylon mesh to help keep fibres in place whilst agitating the surface to aid the felting process when making flat pieces of felt.

Pulp Papermaking - make or repair a papermaking mould for handmade paper from long fibres such as corn husks (not suitable for short fibre pulp).

Please note that the mesh is cut to size from a roll and multiple units will be sent as a single length.