Screen Printing

Screen Printing SuppliesA wide choice of screen printing supplies for professional printing, artwork, home decoration and the classroom. There are the ready mixed Speedball screen printing inks for fabric or paper or the Selectasine ECO pigments and binders for creating your own water based screen printing inks, plus screen printing equipment and emulsions.

The Selectasine screen printing system is simple, economic and flexible in use. Prints have a soft finish and outstanding fastness on fabric. Although designed for screen printing, it can also be brushed, sprayed and blocked. This self-mix premium screen printing ink is ideal for classes in schools and colleges where budget is a factor, and also for experienced printers who will enjoy the flexibility of the system. Binders can be ordered in quantities of 1kg up to 30kg and each of the coloured pigments are available to buy in 50g, 100g, 500g and 1kg sizes. Inks are mixed at a ratio of 1:20 of pigment to binder to ensure prints adhere to fabric and withstand washing. To produce a paint, the proportion of binder can be diluted with water before combining with the pigment. The paint ‘recipe’ will depend on the substrate it is intended for as over dilution of the binder will prevent paint from sticking to the surface.

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Speedball screen printing products offer inks for printing on paper, card, vinyl and wall paper, plus a range of colours specifically for screen printing on fabrics. The pre-mixed colours are available in conveniently sized 236ml pots as well as larger production sized tubs of 944ml. There are also two Speedball Screen Printing Kits which include inks, a screen and a squeegee designed for learning more about screen printing techniques. The extended range from Speedball Art is available through special order, please contact us with your enquiry.

The range of screen printing materials and equipment are extended further to include stretched silk screens, screen mesh, squeegees, stencil making equipment (which includes the light sensitive Diazo photo emulsion) and starter kits, plus a range of cotton and silk fabrics. Find out more about Screen Printing techniques.

An excellent reason to buy your screen printing supplies from George Weil & Sons Ltd – all orders received before 12 noon on weekdays are processed and dispatched the same day.  This means that your parcel will be on its way via Royal Mail, 1st Class or by courier (depending on the weight of your parcel) and we expect it to be delivered to you the next working day!