Discharge Mediums for Screen Printing

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A choice of discharge mediums for screen printing, designed to remove dyes from natural fabrics from areas not covered by the screen stencil. The exciting Colour Magnet actually draws colour towards it, while the Selectasine Indigo Discharge Medium and Activator remove indigo dye from denim and self dyed fabrics.

The discharge mediums will not always fully remove the colour, as this depends on the dye used and the fibre content of the fabric. For example, dye cannot be discharged from polyester and other synthetics, and some dyes on natural fabrics will discharge to a tint of the original colour. Another thing to consider is the original colour of the fabric before it was dyed; unbleached cotton canvas is a light beige.

The variation in results will appeal to many artists, although we recommend testing on fabrics before beginning large projects. Please see the Dyeing section for more information about dyes.

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