Screen Printing Frames

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Screen printing frames with monofilament polyester mesh in 43T and 90T plus replacement screen printing mesh in 43T, 48T, 61T and 77T. Our printing screens are hand built and the polyester screen mesh is tension stretched across the frame to prevent bagginess and to ensure that the printing ink can be applied evenly through the surface. These robust aluminium screen printing frames offer schools, colleges, studios and workshops excellent value and durability.

43T is equivalent to 110 mesh per inch, making the hole size suitable for printing on fabric, such as cotton t-shirts. For finer detailed screen printing, such as when using stencils made with photo emulsion, a higher mesh count such as 90T will produce better results. As there is 230 mesh per inch in the 90T mesh, it is also better for printing onto paper, and fine fabrics such as silk.

Use with Selectasine ECO pigments and screen printing binders for a variety of print finishes on fabric, paper and other surfaces. The Speedball screen printing inks provide a ready mixed alternative.