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The Rowney brothers first opened their business premises in 1783 and started out selling perfumes and powders. By 1837, under the founder’s son they had concentrated their activities on producing artists’ colours using their skills in selecting the best pigments and binders to the leading artists of the time.

In 1963, Rowney was the first manufacturer in Europe to introduce a brand of artist quality paint using an acrylic based binder to support a high quality colour, and using the brand name Cryla. This paint range, with a high intermixability and short drying time was extremely popular.

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The Daler Board Company was established in 1946 and was built around a new type of surface for oil painting that worked well with thick oil colour, and now known as “Daler Board”. This was followed by developing a range of different products such as pads which are still part of the range, canvas panels, stretched canvases, mountboards and artist’s luggage. Of particular note is the first synthetic brush which was brought to the artists material market in 1975.

In 1983, at the time of Rowney’s bicentenary, the company joined the Daler Board Company to become Daler-Rowney Limited.

Since 1983 Daler Rowney has extended and developed its range of products across media, surfaces and tools making its name synonymous with fine art materials. The company operates world-wide with its base in the UK.

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