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DEKA-Textilfarben, or more simply Deka as it is known in the English speaking world, is a German company based outside Munich. The business was founded in 1921 and since that time has produced a wide range of specialist high quality paints and dyes for use by artists and craftsmen around the world.

DEKA paints and DEKA L dyes offer excellent quality by their careful choice of raw materials in the pigments and dyes which are light fast along with binders which are wash fast. The reason this level has been maintained for so long can be attributed directly to an intensive and expansive laboratory research programme which they carry out even today. As a result the products are always produced utilizing the newest standards in chemical technology to achieve quality and consistency.

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George Weil & Sons Ltd carries the largest range of Deka fabric paints, fabric dyes and marbling products in the UK and regularly supplies customers overseas by mail-order from our web site, particularly to the USA. The range held in stock includes the highly regarded silk paints recognised for their ease of application and pigment quality, the block printing inks, the Deka L range of fabric dyes and the exceptional glass and ceramic paints.

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Deka Silk Paints

Deka Silk Paint, 50ml


Deka Silk Paints

Deka Silk Paint, 125ml


Deka Silk Paints

Deka Silk Paint, 500ml