Brand: FIMO

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FIMO is a plastic compound with a wide range of uses, from play material for children, jewellery from craftsmen to professional model making for architects, designers and miniaturists. After hardening in a domestic oven at temperatures of 110°C (230°F) for about 30 minutes, FIMO clay becomes solid and robust, capable of withstanding the knocks of daily life or ready for further working by drilling, sanding and filing.

Working with polymer clay does not require any special tool, the first shaping and finishing after hardening is commonly done by hand. However this should not stand in the way of bringing household or workshop tools into play to enhance the shapes, details and finish.

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FIMO was first developed for a German doll maker in the late 1930s but was not found suitable for her doll factory so handed it to her daughter, Fifi. The brand was later sold to Eberhard Faber who continues to manufacture and market it under the name “FIMO”, reflecting the enthusiasm of the little girl.

FIMO polymer clay is sold worldwide and comes in many different colours; there are many finishes to choose from, and even a softener which helps when working with fine detail. FIMO is easy and simple to work by hand with the first results quickly developed. With very little experience almost anything can be modelled including jewellery or accessories, picture frames or decorations, dolls and figures, flowers and sculptures. The vast range of FIMO colours and the unique texture make it possible to imitate other materials in a remarkably convincing way, for example wood, stone, glass and many others.