Brand: Howard Brush

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The Howard Brush Hand Cards which are offered by George Weil & Sons are designed for preparing wool fibres for spinning and felting and are made for us in York, USA by the world’s leading manufacturers.

We selected the Howard Brush carders as the best available since the correct design of the card cloth is fundamental to all carding, whether by hand or on huge industrial machines. The wire must have a special foundation, as it is the backbone of the card clothing. Howard Brush have their own design of foundation. Each ply of cloth uses long staple cotton, double carded yarns, along with specially prepared warp and woollen weft threads. The cloth then is glued and given a rubber coating to protect the cloth. All of this requires a fineness of skill and technique that can only come through accumulated experience. The card wire is a hardened and highly tempered steel wire required for longevity & uniformity. It is then set in the foundation and the final card cloth checked for accuracy and consistency.

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The hand cards are manufactured to the specifications developed by the Howard Brothers Company from 1866. Each hand card is made from select hard woods, with a shaped working face which allows for each users particular carding action. The handles are designed to fit the hands, making them easy to orient. The handles are securely attached to the carder back and finished to an attractive lustre.

The Howard Brush Drum Carding machine is a quality premier triple drum carder made from solid hardwood that comes fully assembled and is made out of solid, unfinished hardwood. The pulleys and axles have been designed for ease of turning and smooth operation making the end result adjustment free