Brand: Papershed

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The Papershed brand was originally developed by Kath Russon and acquired by the George Weil Group in 2004. Many of the Papershed handmade paper products are hand crafted by small rural communities and sourced from Thailand, Southern Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh and India. Other items, such as the hand-dyed silks, are brought in as raw materials and produced in-house. The Papershed now offers the serious paper maker the professional materials for producing high quality and durable hand made paper.

Paper Making Materials

Cotton Linter Pulp Sheets – 250g


Papershed Handmade Papers

Handmade Banana Paper 25gsm


Papershed Handmade Papers

Handmade Batik Galaxy Lokta Paper

Special Offer

Gilding Bole, Gesso & Primers

Calcium Carbonate / Whiting – 500g

Special Offer

Paper Making Additives

Cationic Retention Aid – 500g

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Paper Making Additives

China Clay – 500g


Paper Making Additives

Papermaking Size (AKD) – 250ml


Hand-dyed Silk Fibres

Hand-dyed Silk Tops Selection 80g