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The business was founded as Selectasine Serigraphics in 1927, as one of the first silk screen printing businesses supplying products for printers in the UK. When combined, the pigments and binders create a fine choice of screen printing ink colours and effects normally only available to commercial printers. In March 2010 the Selectasine Serigraphics range of screen printing products was acquired by George Weil & Sons Ltd. These pigments and binders are widely supplied to schools, colleges, textile crafts enthusiast and by professional printers for screen printing their designs on to fabrics and paper.

There is an assortment of Selectasine binders which are used in combination with the pigments to create screen printing inks which are wash and light fast on fabric once heat cured. Printed fabrics have a soft handle making the Selectasine Screen Printing system ideal for printing custom t-shirts, and fabrics for clothing and upholstery. The Selectasine Screen Printing system can also be used on paper and primed wood, board and canvas, or diluted to make a waterbased paint.

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Aluminium screen printing frames and squeegees, Mesh Prep for cleaning the polyester screen mesh, Kopimask Diazo photo-emulsion and Screen-Strip Emulsion Remover add to this high quality range of screen printing products.

The choice of screen printing products is enhanced by the Speedball Art range of screen printing inks, emulsion and mediums.

Selectasine ECO Pigments & Screen Printing Binders

Selectasine Crosslinker Ink Cure, 2 sizes


Stencil Making & Emulsions for Screen Printing

Selectasine Screen Mesh Prep Gel – 2 sizes


Selectasine ECO Pigments & Screen Printing Binders

Selectasine Concentrated Print Paste Thickener – 4 sizes

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