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The Venne business was started in 1982 by Rene van der Venne to supply spinning and weaving supplies direct to craftsmen, along with teaching spinning and weaving, working from a barn of his farm.

After several years he had developed a wholesale company based on his experience and knowledge of suppliers. In particular he expanded to meet the increasing demand for weaving, knitting and lace making yarn as many of the country’s wholesalers closed their doors. This led him to start importing yarn, particularly from Scandinavia and then to develop his own line of natural yarn, using the name Venne yarns.

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Colcoton-Unikat Garn was acquired in 1997, and the commissioning and distribution of yarns became the company’s main product. The company now works with a number of spinning mills across Europe who are commissioned to spin yarn and with dye houses to dye the yarns in the Venne range of colours. The final processing of the yarns, into different pack sizes, is carried out within the company.

The Venne yarns meet the needs of many hand weavers and include fine wool and cotton yarns, including a number of yarns which meet the organic, GOTS bio yarn standards. The Colcoton yarns are a mix of an elastic yarn and cotton, which only releases the spinning energy on washing, allowing crepe fabrics to be woven on hand looms. The product range also includes fine silk, mohair and metallic yarns.


Venne Organic Cotton/Linen Yarn Nm 13/2

Venne Organic Cotton / Linen Yarn Nm 13/2 6400m – 1kg Cones


Venne Organic Cotton/Linen Yarn Nm 13/2

Venne Organic Cotton / Linen Yarn Nm 13/2 640m – 100g cones

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