Rabbit Skin Size - 28g

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Rabbit Skin Size is combined with water to make Rabbit Skin Glue and is used for sealing cotton or linen prior to oil priming. It can be mixed with Daler Rowney Gesso Powder to make a gesso primer.

Rabbit Skin Glue can also be combined with Whiting to make a traditional gesso for wood and other surfaces providing a stable surface for painting or gilding. This gesso is not suitable for canvas as it is not flexible when dry.

For gilding. Size the wood or board with the warm rabbit skin glue and allow to dry thoroughly. To make the gesso, add 2 parts whiting to 3 parts rabbit skin glue and stir well to the consistency of single cream. Apply the gesso while still warm in up to 6 layers, allow to cool and cure overnight before sanding to a smooth finish.

28g pack makes approx. 450ml