Schacht 50cm 20" Flip Rigid Heddle Loom


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    The 50cm (20") Schacht Flip Folding Loom is a well thought out rigid heddle (tabby) loom. It has been crafted from the finest hardwood maple and each component has been sanded and hand oiled.

    This weaving loom is designed for high performance and is a pleasure to weave on. It is sturdy, compact and folds easily for storage or transportation. The loom can be easily used on a table, using the back leg to hook it onto the table edge or it can be used on the free standing trestle stand. Included with folding loom are clamps and a warping peg for direct-loom warping as well as instructions for both direct and pre-measuring methods. The top cross brace allows long warps, up to 5 metres (depending on weight and winding paper), to be wound on the beams without impacting the size of the shed.

    Fine-toothed nylon ratchets provide precise tension control and the conveniently located heddle blocks on the sides of the loom hold the rigid heddle in the up, down, or neutral position. The heddle is in 8 dents per inch (10 and 12 available separately ) and is made of durable ABS plastic, with large eyes and slots.

    The Flip weaving loom is ideal for plain weaves and pick-up patterns and there is a 2nd heddle slot to allow for 2-heddle weaving. Included with each loom are:

    8 dpi Reed
    Warping Peg
    2 Stick Shuttles
    Threading Hook
    2 Table Clamps
    Complete warping and weaving instructions

    There are three other widths of loom, 38cm , 63cm and 76cm, available as well as the floor stand.