Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel


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    FREE Delivery within the UK. Each of these special wheels have a Schacht Ladybug hidden somewhere in their framework!

    The Ladybug spinning wheel is made to the same quality and standard as the Matchless spinning wheels. It weighs just 5.6kg and has integrated carry handles making it very portable. The footman is attached to the rear of the drive wheel with a special ball joint giving a smoother treadling action. Combined with the longer treadles, this new scotch tension design provides greater comfort for the spinner and adapts easily to a double drive. We are supplying this colourful, unique spinning wheel with a threading hook, 3 bobbins, medium and fast whorls, a poly drive band, and a double drive band.

    The wheel is also supplied with a medium and fast whorl and additional whorls can be ordered. The super hi speed and extra slow are not recommended.

    wheel diameter: 40.5cm
    orifice diameter: 9.5mm
    spindle height: 73.5cm
    drive ratios 7, 9, 10.5, 12:1
    bobbin/whorls: same as Schacht Matchless

    The Ladybug Bulky Plyer Flyer Package for spinning chunky yarns is now available.