Schacht Sidekick Spinning Wheel


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    FREE Delivery within the UK. The portable Schacht Sidekick Spinning Wheel is a convenient wheel for spinning on the go. It can be folded flat to the dimensions shown below and weighs just 6kg. It is simple to fold and when erected is solid and sturdy. The Schacht Sidekick features include:

    · Size folded: 21 1/2" (approx 54.5 cm) h x 8 1/4" (approx 21 cm) w x 15" (approx 38 cm) d. Size open: 27 1/4" (approx 69 cm) h x 18" (approx 45.5 cm) w x 15" (approx 38 cm) d
    · Integrated storage of bobbins, flyer, and whorls for transport.
    · Lightweight at just under 6kg.
    · 13 1/4" drive wheel allows for ratios from 4.25 to 15.25.
    · Long, comfortable treadles.
    · Uses the same bobbins, whorls, and flyer as the Schacht Matchless and Ladybug wheels.
    · Bobbin-flyer assembly.
    · 25" (63.5cm) orifice height for comfortable spinning.
    · Employs Scotch tension with precise control knob.
    · The drive wheel spins on ball bearings. The flyer turns on self-aligning bearings.
    · Drive band tension adjuster allows for all whorls to be used with one drive band.

    The Sidekick comes with 3 travel bobbins, fast and medium whorls, threading hook, an adjustable carrying strap. Also included is the padded Sidekick Bag. It is made of rugged recycled polyester fabric with a heavy-duty zipper and bound interior seams, and has room for 3 bobbins and a Lazy Kate.