Selectasine Indigo Discharge Medium, 3 sizes


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    Selectasine Indigo Discharge Medium removes indigo dye without affecting the integrity of the fabric. This formulation reduces the health and safety risks associated with Potassium Permanganate. This exciting medium can be used purely to remove indigo dye, or it can be used to remove indigo dye and replace it with another colour by combining it with up to 6% Selectasine Eco Pigment.

    The discharge medium can be screen printed using a 34T mesh, or diluted 50/50 with water for spraying, or diluted slightly less for applying with a brush.

    The medium is activated by adding up to 8% Spectralite (Thiourea Dioxide) and stirring until all the crystals have fully dissolved, causing a slight loss of viscosity. The solution remains active for up to 18 hours.

    After applying the activated solution, it needs to be heat dried at 150°C (or hot ironed on the reverse) for at least 6 minutes (depending on application levels) to achieve the discharge.

    Remove the activated discharge medium by hand washing garments in a solution of hot water (30-40°C), washing detergent, and soda ash (3g per 1 litre of water). The final rinse in clean, cold water will fully discharge the treated denim.

    Please note that this product is designed to discharge indigo dyed denim and fabrics only. It is recommended to test the application on a small area of the fabric prior to use.