Selectasine Luminous Pigments - last remaining colour: PINK


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Concentrated luminous coloured pigment for combining with Selectasine binder to make printing inks for screen printing, spraying, block printing or painting.

The pigments are also effective for colouring handmade papers and should be used in conjunction with the Cationic Retention Aid which helps to bind the pigment to the fibres during the paper making process.

The pigments are supplied in a liquid state as "pigment in dispersion" (i.e. the pigment is still a solid, though minute, and has not been dissolved into the liquid). Discharge bleaching agent and the perchlorethylene, used in dry cleaning, can discolour some pigments. e.g. a red, after treatment might look "brownish". These colours are recommended for pigment discharge but are likely to discolour if dry cleaned in perchlorethylene.

Please see Selectasine ECO Fluo pigments for alternative luminous colours

Find out more about the Selectasine Screen Printing System by downloading our PDF (this will open in a separate window)