Selectasine Opaque White T Binder - 3 sizes


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    A binder loaded with white pigment for printing white onto dark coloured fabrics. It can be reduced using binder SF20 by up to 40% without losing significant opacity, thin the paste down in stages and do some test prints until the desired affect is achieved. Standard colours may be added to produce milky or pastel shades. (Tip: When printing white onto black or very dark fabric, a balance needs to be struck between obliterating the background colour and the softness of the print. Quite often in achieving the first, the print appears to be "caked-on", thin the paste down with SF20 binder in stages and do some test prints until the desired affect is achieved.)

    Pastel coloured, opaque screen printing inks can also be made by tinting this opaque white binder with Selectasine coloured pigments.

    The binder is made washfast by heat setting. Once dry, iron on reverse of the print at 165°C (330°F) for 4-5 minutes (adding Selectasine Crosslinker to the ink will reduce this time to just 1 minute).

    These pictures show how easily our liquid pigments combine with our binders to make inks for screen printing. In this example we have used the pearl binder.

    Find out more about the Selectasine Screen Printing System by downloading our PDF (this will open in a separate window)

    Due to some of the Selectasine products being sensitive to frost, we advise storage under suitable conditions and at temperatures above 5°C