Gedeo Silicone Jewels Mould


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Silicone mould made from non-stick silicone and designed for all modelling materials including resin, silver clays, and polymer clay for making cabochons and gems for jewellery. This flexible mould has a smooth finish for perfect moulding and items pop out with ease. The overflow channel borders the mould and helps to prevent spills. The silicone can withstand heat of up to 230°C and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Overall size is 20 X 30cm (the smallest cabochon mould width is 10mm, the largest heart shaped mould width is 35mm).

The photos show jewels made from Topaz coloured Gedeo Coloured Resin and the opaque yellow coloured jewels were made using Gedeo Crystal Resin with a small amount of Jacquard Pearl Ex powder stirred into it