Flyers, Bobbins, Whorls

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Spare bobbins, a new flyer or an additional whorl for your spinning wheel.  We can order any products not shown here from Louet, Schacht, Glimakra, Kromski or Ashford. These spinning and weaving items will take between 5-7 weeks and we will require a 10% discount for non-stock items. Please telephone: 01483 565800 for further information. The items shown on this page are available from stock.

Flyer, Bobbin or Whorl?



Flyers, Bobbins, Whorls

Whorls for Magnetic Sonata Flyer Head


Flyers, Bobbins, Whorls

Schacht Travel Bobbin


Flyers, Bobbins, Whorls

Kromski Sonata Magnetic Flyer Head


Flyers, Bobbins, Whorls

Ashford Basic Jumbo Flyer Unit


Flyers, Bobbins, Whorls

Ashford Kiwi High Speed Adapter

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