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Speedball Speedy Carve Block for Printing & Texture

Speedball speedy block

The Speedy Carve block is made from smooth and flexible rubber. It cuts easily with lino cutter blades and does not crumble, making it ideal for creating detailed prints. The latex free rubber also stops the block from slipping around while it is being cut. The wavy lines on this Speedy Carve block were cut freehand using […]

Different Types of Lino Cutters

Block Design 5

There are two types of lino cutters available from George Weil. The traditional lino cutter requires you to push the blade away from you in order to cut the block. It is important to keep your hands well away from the moving blade in case the blade should slip while cutting. The blades for the […]

Transferring a Design onto a Lino Block

Block Design 1

There are a number of techniques for transferring a design on to a lino block. Here is a simple method using a clip-art from your computer or an image from the internet. Using a soft lead pencil, draw a heavy outline around the image. The image above shows the reverse of the paper and the […]

Block Printing with Speedball Speedy Carve

Speedball Speedy Carve Blocks

The Speedball Speedy Stamps are made from a high density rubber which can be easily carved to make unique stamps for a multitude of surfaces. The Speedy Carve Blocks are a flexible and durable alternative to lino and do not crack, crumble or break. Their ability to bend abound shapes, such as glasses or plant […]

Block Printed Card using Speedy Stamps and Acrylic Paints

Speedy Carve printed card

This is an effective method of batch producing handmade cards. We suggest you keep your initial designs simple by choosing shapes such as the flower head we have used. You will need the following block printing equipment: Making the Block The design for this card was cut in 3 stages. Alison used Jacquard Textile colours […]