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What is a Rigid Heddle Loom & how does it work?

Stick Shuttle Passing Through The Shed

Are you thinking about buying a loom for weaving, but don’t know where to start? Looms vary in complexity; a simple frame can be used to produce a plain weave (see illustration) while a large floor loom will provide the mechanism to produce intricate cloth. Stringing yarn vertically around a picture frame provides you with […]

The Myrehed Draw Loom

Glimakra Countermarch And Myrehed Draw Loom

Take your weaving further with a Myrehed Draw Loom A draw loom gives the weaver dramatically extended fabric design options using a traditional Countermarch floor loom. The draw loom controls individual warp threads to build up patterns on a ground weave. Think of adding pixelated images or lettering to your woven fabric. That is the joy […]

Beginning Inkle Weaving

Inkle Weaving Schacht Loom

An inkle loom is ideal for learning about the technique of weaving. You can weave long strips of fabric which can be used as straps, belts, and decorative edgings. Our photographs are of the Schacht Inkle Loom. Understanding Basic Weaving on the Inkle Loom In woven fabrics, two sets of yarns cross perpendicular to one […]

Sleying the Reed with the Autodenter

Auto reed hooks | Autodenters

The autodenter is most helpful for sleying the reed when threading the warp onto the weaving loom back-to-front. You can work left-to-right or right-to-left across the reed, whichever your handedness prefers. The Autodenter Looking at the autodenter you will see that it is made of two distinct parts, a wooden handle with two short metal […]

Tied Weave – Summer & Winter, by Ans Drost

Ans Drost weaving

Complex weaver, Ans Drost, emailed these photographs of the weavings she has achieved on her Lout Megado loom. Ans says of the image below ‘the same pattern in a different colour. It is still done in tied weave, Summer and Winter. The yarn is 5/2 cotton. I do like this colour better.’

Rigid Heddle Weaving by Alison Butcher

Alison Butcher Woven Skirt

Our resident weaver, Susan Litton, is often heard expounding the virtues of the basic rigid heddle (also known as tabby loom). ‘It’s a very good experimental loom for creating woven cloth for tea towels, soft furnishings and clothing!’ In 2002 one of our regular customers, Alison Butcher (pictured below) arrived wearing her rigid heddle woven […]