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Natural Dyeing & Felt Making Courses in Scotland

Dyeing Course Scotland

Wild Rose Escapes run craft, wild cookery and relaxation holidays and courses in the heart of the Highlands of Scotland. Their courses include natural dyeing and felt making. We invited owner Rosie to tell us a little more about their craft holidays. “I have been running craft courses in the Highlands of Scotland for over […]

Needle Felted Animals by Coralie and Phil Miles

Needlefelting Animals Coralie Phil

We love these needle felted animals created by Coralie and Phil Miles. This is their first attempt and we can’t wait to see how their skills progress! Coralie used to work here with us before she retired. She is a keen spinner (see her skein samples and her freeform crocheted bag) and crafts person, as […]

Hair Fibres for Spinning or Needle Felting

White Kid Mohair fibre for spinning

The Fibrecrafts range of these rich hair fibres which include Alpaca, Camel Down, Cashmere, Mohair and Yak Down. They can be used for spinning soft, fluffy yarns and in feltmaking. The fibres do not felt easily as the scales along the fibre are much further apart than the scales on wool, but felting can be […]

Making Felted Fabric and Felt Balls by Hand

Handmade felt bag

Felt can be built in many ways using wool fibres as the base. However it is important to make sure that you are using the correct quality of wool fibres. Too coarse a fibre slows felting as fibre below 56’s Bradford count (learn more about wool fibres) will not felt easily. Lustrous, fine fibres felt […]

Needle Felted Old English Sheepdog

Needle felted sheep dog

Heather Gardiner sent in these charming photographs of her Old English Sheepdogs, Fernie and Gair. Alongside is the cute little doggie she has needle felted from their hair. Heather told us ‘This was the first I had ever made using this technique and the little dog went on to be raffled to help the OES […]

Needle Felted Caterpillar from Somerset

Needle felted caterpillar

Look who came back from Somerset with Philippa! This little fella was found at the One Craft Gallery in Shepton Mallet. We think we have identified the maker; jewellery designer Rachel Kerrison needle felts small animals and creatures when working at the gallery. Rachel has shaped the caterpillar so that he can sit on the […]

Armatures for Model Making

Armatures and wire

An armature is the framework or skeleton used as the base when making models of figures or animals. A good starting point for a model is a scale sketch or marquette. Once the design has been established, the ‘skeleton’ can be added to a full size sketch. This will help determine the size of the armature […]

The Fibrecrafts Felting Needle Holder

Felting needle holder

This simple wooden tool is designed for use with the super sharp, barbed felting needle. The holder consists of two parts. The comfortable wooden handle has been fashioned to include a guard. This is so your hand does not slip forward onto the needles. The other part of the holder has four holes in which […]

Crafted Creatures

Felted animals

Here are an assortment of creatures crafted from the materials sold at George Weil! Felted Merino The mouse and caterpillar have been made from felted Merino wool tops. The fibres were wetted with soap and hot water before being rolled between the hands to make them felt together. The caterpillar is made from a series […]