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The Ashford Fringe Twister

Ashford Fringe twister

The Ashford Fringe Twister has been designed to make light work of making twisted fringe for handwoven garments, knitted scarves or for needle work projects – the finishing touch to your handmade items. You can also use the finge twister to create corded cotton, or to twist sliver prior to felting it. Features There are […]

Bluefaced Leicester Roving Knitted

Bluefaced Leicester Roving Dyed and Knitted

We thought you may like to see what Jo did with the super soft Bluefaced Leicester Roving yarn she hand dyed using H Dupont dyes. Jo decided to knit the yarn to make a snood. She knitted the wool into a large square and then sewed up two of the opposite sides. The opening of […]

Two Colour Silk Scarf

I was quite daunted when I first pinned my 90cm x 90cm Pongee silk scarf to the stretcher frame. I had two colours of DEKA Silk (black and lemon) and wanted to demonstrate how they could be used effectively to decorate the scarf. My simple design didn’t include having to use a gutta outliner or precise […]

Hand Painted Silk Chiffon Scarf

I painted this silk chiffon scarf to give as a present for Christmas (and I’m pleased to say that the recipient was really happy with it). The scarf is made from openly woven fine silk thread creating a sheer gauze fabric. I folded the 40 x 150cm scarf in half. I then pinned it to […]

Knitting 100g Scarves

If you’ve never knitted before DO NOT be alarmed! All these scarves were knitted with the basic knit stitch using 100g hanks of yarn and the people that knitted are novices to the craft. Why not join in by learning to cast-on your first stitch. Once you become more confident you can begin experimenting with […]

Knitting, Casting Off

Learn How to Knit – Casting Off This is the method for casting off (also known as binding off) your knitting. It leaves a neat edge which can be threaded up with tassels if desired. Many of the knitting books featured on this site include information on the different stitches as well as guidance on […]

Knitting, the Knit Stitch

Learn How to Knit – The Knit Stitch This basic stitch is also known as the garter stitch. Once you have mastered it, you will be able to knit a scarf, fabric blocks, cushion covers, a bag and more. Many of the knitting books featured on this site include information on the different stitches as […]

Knitted Scarves by Jo Barrell

Jo's scarf

Hand-dyed, Silk Boucle Scarf Jo’s hand-dyed Italian Silk Boucle knitted scarf was featured on page 15 of the 2006 Fibrecrafts Catalogue (pictured here, below). She dyed the yarn using the microwave method of low water immersion dyeing with acid dyes before knitting it into this pretty scarf. Slub Yarn Scarf Jo, who works here at […]

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