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Dyeing Clothes made from Polyester Fabric

dyeing polyester

Here we include tips on how to dye polyester clothing with Jacquard iDye Poly Dyes or Fibrecrafts Disperse Dyes. These dyes are suitable for dyeing synthetics including polyester, nylon, cellulose acetate, vilene, synthetic velvets and PVC. They are also used to colour plastic and ideal for colour matching buttons and fastenings. Things to Consider when Dyeing […]

Basic Colour Theory

Secondary Colours

Understanding a little about colour theory can help you to decide which colours to choose for art or craft projects. The success of a project, whether it be woven cloth or a watercolour painting, can be determined by choosing the best colour relationships. Primary Colours The primary colours red, yellow and blue are the only […]

Blending Polymer Clay

Blending 2 Colours Of Polymer Clay 7

with Sue Heaser Creating a sheet of clay that blends from one colour to another is a basic technique that you will find has dozens of uses when working with polymer clay. It is most often used in millefiori canes but a blended sheet also makes a lovely background for a relief picture, or provides […]