Brushes & Applicators

A huge selection of natural and synthetic hair and bristle brushes for artwork, palette knives and colour shaper for oils and acrylics and foam brushes for large area application of dyes and paints. This selection of painting tools provide the artist with a large choice of applicators for a variety of techniques including painting with acrylics, oils, watercolours, silk paints and dyes. There are squeezy pipette bottles which can be used with a fine nib for applying thick paints, gutta outliners and glues and spray applicators for inks, dyes and paints. We also include here a choice of palettes and mixing dishes.

The waterfed brushes have a hollow handle which contains water to feed the bristles to keep them wet. The brushes can be used to paint water over watercolours to help blend colours or to dissolve water soluble media such as the watercolour pencils and crayons from Derwent and Caran d’Ache. The brushes are also a useful tool for modellers, especially when using silver clay and air-dry clays. The wet brush can be used to keep the clay moist and to help smooth surfaces.

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