Cutting & Slicing

A variety of cutting tools including a choice of scissors, craft knives and blades, cutting mats, steel rulers, shape cutters and mount cutters.

The lino cutters include the traditional type of blades and handles plus the Speedball Linozips Safety cutter. The shape cutters includes an extensive range of shapes in a choice of sizes. The fine cutters are precision made and will appeal to jewellery makers who use the precious silver clays or polymer clays to create their work. The larger Makins cutters provide shapes for festive occasions such as Christmas, as well as number, alphabet, animal and geometric shapes which will appeal to children and cardmakers.

The stainless steel slicing blades are the best solution for slicing complex polymer clay canes. The sharp blades allow for precision cutting and if the cane is turned slightly after each slice, there will be the minimum of twisting and distortion in the patterning.

The slicing blades are 15cm in length providing a long straight cutting edge for the precise and clean cutting of large blocks of clay, or for tidying up the edges of rolled out clay.

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