Drawing & Writing

A range of drawing tools and dip pens to assist the artist and calligrapher. The mechanical pencils and pens in this section are refillable, wooden drawing pencils and ink filled pens can be found in the Materials section. You will also find here technical drawing tools such as drawing sets containing compasses and set squares, poseable wooden manikins, drawing boards to provide a surface for creating artwork plus a choice of pencil extenders, sharpeners and erasers.

A dip pen or nib pen usually comprises a handle and an interchangeable metal nib and superceded the quill pen which would have been made from a feather. The fountain pen followed quickly in the development of pens but was restricted by the type of ink that could be used. The dip pen can be used with highly pigmented India inks and acrylic based inks which would block up the nib of the fountain pen. Another advantage of the dip pen is that the nib shapes and sizes can be changed depending on the requirement.

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In addition to the nibs and holders offered in this section, there are the Automatic Pens designed for calligraphy. The nickle silver nibs, which have been manufactured in the UK for over 100 years, are not interchangeable but offer a unique smooth writing tip for both left and right handed calligraphers. They can be used with permanent waterproof and acrylic inks although they are best suited to waterbased inks, gouache and watercolour paints. There are 12 nib styles including the super wide 25mm 6a Automatic Pen and those that allow for two parallel lines to be drawn at the same time.

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