Exact measuring and note taking will ensure the dyer can reproduce the same colour results again and again. The synthetic dyes which can be found in the Materials section provide consistent colour mixes and the type of fabric used, temperatures, volumes of water used and amount of fixative will determine the final results. The natural dyestuffs available from the same section give less consistent results as the dyes can vary from batch to batch. The dyeing tools in this section will assist the hand dyer in this task.

Acid dyes and silk dyes are suitable for colouring wool, silk and other protein fibres. Acid dyes can be set using vinegar and they, plus the silk dyes, can also be set using the heat from steam. The dyed and dried item is packaged in paper and suspended above boiling water. The heat from the steam created by the boiling water is what sets the dye. The electric steamer has been designed to steam up to 25 metres of silk fabric and is an ideal option for art colleges and workshops.

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