Fibre Preparation

The intention of carding fibre is so that the fibres run in the same direction ready for spinning or felt making. Hand carders are made from two ‘paddles’ covered with a pin cloth on one side. The evenly spaced pins interlock when the carders are held face to face so that any fibre between them is combed as the the carders are pulled across each other. Often, the carder that is held in the non-dominant hand rests on the users leg while the carder in the dominant hand is pulled across the brush.

A drum carder works on the same principle, fibres are fed between two drums covered with pin clothing and as the drums rotate in different directions the fibre is pulled between the combs. The larger of the drums is rotated by turning a handle at the side of the drum carder and the batt of carded fibre is removed from the drum using a doffer. The Howard Brush Tri Drum Carder incorporates a third drum, the advantage being that it takes on half as much turning to produce the same sized batt.

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The Louet Electric Drum Carder is an ideal purchase for spinners and felt makers who wish to prepare and blend a large volume of fibres for their work. The traditional drum carder requires a handle to be turned to make the drums rotate. The electric drum carder has a 230V, 370W built in motor which drives the V-belt at 90rpm allowing the operator to use both hands when feeding the fibres into the machine. This useful appliance is simply a revolution(!) for craftsmen, workshops and spinning groups dealing with large quantities of fibre for projects.

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