Mokunen San Woodchip Eco Clay - 300g


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    Mokunen San Woodchip Eco Clay is a smooth clay made from the recycled wood sawdust from a Japanese pencil company. This eco friendly clay replaces the coarser Cork Clay previously recommended as a core for Art Clay Silver clay and other silver clays. The clay is very similar to cork clay but contains smaller pieces of wood which burn more efficiently. It is possible to achieve a smoother finish with Mokunen San clay.

    A hollow core silver clay object is made by wrapping either extruded silver clay clay, thin sheets of rolled out silver clay, or Art Clay Silver Clay paste around a core. The silver clay item is fired in a kiln and the core burns away to leave a void.

    Using a small piece of woodchip clay, make it into the desired shape (it doesn't have to be a sphere, a cube, heart or any other simple 3d shape will be effective) and allow the clay to dry thoroughly for up to 3 days. Wrap the clay shape with your chosen formation of silver clay (ensure there are some holes in the silver "cladding" to allow the core to burn). When the silver clay has dried thoroughly, sand off any imperfections and then fire in a kiln at 800°C for at least 5 minutes. The woodchip clay core will smoke during firing, as does the silver clay, so always work in a well ventilated area.

    Our image shows a hollow silver sphere made using the method described.

    Woodchip clay can also be used for making any number of handcrafted items or to cover wire work in sculptures. It is lightweight and can be sanded when dry.