Modelling & Moulding

Every tool you are likely to ever need for model making and working with clays can be found in this extensive section. Included are a selection of tools for making jewellery including wooden ring mandrels and the ingenious ‘post-it note’ Art Clay Ring Sizing sheets which can be first wrapped around your finger and then transferred to the mandrel at the correct point. The ring can then be created on the ring sheet so that when the silver clay is dry it can be easily removed.

The essential cutting mats come in a choice of 4 sizes up to A1 (594mm x 841mm) and their ‘self-healing’ properties mean they will last many hours of cutting. The hard wearing surface does not blunt cutting tools and blades and can be scrubbed clean when used for model making and glueing.

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The Shaping and Patterning section contains patterned texture sheets which can be pressed into clays to decorate the surface, we have also included the flexible Speedy-Carve blocks and lino cutters so that you can design your own texture sheets. Silver Clay and polymer clay jewellery makers may also be interested in our selection of finely crafted tiny cutter shapes while the sets of larger cutter shapes from Makins are ideal for children and other craft applications.

The tools available in the Rolling & Pasta Machine category include a selection of hand rollers. The Art Clay Grey Roller has a smooth surface to prevent the fast drying silver clay from sticking to it and therefore avoiding wastage. This roller and the others in this section can be used for any of the air-dry or polymer clays and the rolling strips will ensure that clay is rolled to an even thickness. Rolling strips are available in 3 thicknesses 0.5mm, 1mm and 1.5mm and sold in pairs. A strip is placed either side of the clay to be rolled and when the roller touches the top of the rolling strips the clay has been rolled to that thickness.

The pasta machine is also an excellent device for rolling out clay, allowing it to be rolled very thinly. Sometimes the clay is quite stiff in first used and needs to be heated and worked in your hands so that it is softened for use, this is called conditioning. The pasta machine makes light work of this process. The pasta machine is also an excellent tool for blending colours of clay together and allows for subtle graduation in colours, making it a desirable tool for polymer clay artists to use in millefiori and cane work.

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