Monofilament Polyester Screen Mesh 43T 48T 61T and 77T


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    A selection of Swiss monofilament polyester bolting cloth for use as screen mesh in silk screen printing. We recommend 43T for general textile and paper screen printing. It is a coarse mesh (ie. has a low mesh number) and will give heavier ink deposits which is an advantage when heavy pigmented inks are being used. A finer mesh will produce finer detail, give a thinner ink deposit, consume less ink and allow quicker drying. 48T is good for general screen printing with finer detail, and 61T for smooth and light fabric, and half-tone prints. 77T is best for screen printing onto extremely light material and for graphic work. This finer, yellow coloured mesh eliminates the problem of light scattering causing poor definition when fine meshes are used with direct photo emulsions. The screen mesh is 115cm wide and sold by the metre. Where more than one metre is ordered, the fabric will be supplied in one continuous length.