Spinning wheels, whorls, Lazy Kates, bobbins, hand spindles and spares – a selection of tools and equipment for spinning fibres into yarns. Included here are the traditional Ashford spinning wheels imported all the way from New Zealand, the new generation of Louet spinning wheels from the Netherlands, the popular Kromski spinning wheels from Poland, and the highly responsive Matchless spinning wheels from Schacht in America.

Here you will find a large selection of the spinning wheels and tools available from Schacht Spindle, Ashford Handicrafts. Kromski and Louet. If there is a specific item you require, please let us know so that we can arrange a special order for you. Please email or telephone 01483 565800 with your enquiry.

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Useful tools for the hand spinner

The Lazy Kate (or just plain Kate) provides a support for a number of full bobbins so that they can unwind freely when plying the spun yarns together.

A Niddy Noddy makes light work of creating skeins from your handspun yarns. It comprises a central bar with crossbars at either end. The bottom crossbar is perpendicular to the top bar. The yarn is wound from one end of the top crossbar down around one end of the bottom crossbar and back up again to the other end of the top crossbar and back down to the other end of the bottom crossbar before starting its journey again until the yarn is fully wound. The Niddy Noddy is held in the centre of the central bar and a rhythm is quickly adopted and comes apart so that the hank or skein can be easily removed.

A Threading Hook is used to pass the leader thread, which is tied onto the bobbin, through the orifice on the spinning wheel so that it can be tied on to the prepared fibre. A Threading Hook can be made by bending a hook (small enough to pass through the orifice) in a fine wire. A hand spinner may have a number of hooks in their collection as handcrafted Threading Hooks, such as those available in this section, can be irresistible!

A Diz is used to draft the prepared fibre from the wool comb. The fibre is passed through the hole in the Diz to create the roving ready for spinning. Like the Threading Hook, a handmade Diz is often irresistible to hand spinners and can be found made from bone, clay, glass and wood. The maple wood Schacht Dizzy Yarn Gauge combines a Diz for drafting fibres from wool combs and a useful yarn measure.

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