Storage & Display

Storage options for drawing and painting tools plus portfolios and luggage for storing and carrying valuable artwork. The clear plastic Graduate Artbags offer an economical choice for artists and students. The bags are available in A3, A2 and A1 and artwork is kept flat and undamaged by the stiff cardboard insert. The rigid plastic Studio Cases offer a further budget saving option, while the classic cardboard Earthbound Folios with tie-sides also provide the option of a handy sized A4. The robust carriers have been designed with storage pockets and additional carry straps, while the Daler Rowney Classic Art Cases also incorporate D-rings for use with clear display sleeves.

Tips for Storing Brushes

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Do not leave brushes in water or solvent, clean them as soon as you have finished using them. Leaving the brush in liquid will distort the bristles so that they will not regain their original shape. Solvents can dissolve the glue inside the ferrule which holds the bristles in place, and water can make wooden handles swell and eventually crack. Shake off excess water and ‘paint’ the brush onto absorbent paper to reshape the bristles and dry them further. To give the bristles time to ‘remember’ their original shape, do not store brushes while they are still damp. The Bamboo Brush Roll and the Jakar Canvas Artists’ Wrap have handle slots along their length to keep brushes separate and can be rolled up for safe storage and transport, alternatively brushes can be stored in a large jar with the ferrule and bristles above the rim and ensuring none of the brush heads are touching.

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