Stainless Steel Reed 30 dents per 10cm (7.62dpi) - 10cm high, price per cm


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    Minimum order quantity - 1

    Quality stainless steel weaving reed 10cm high, 30 dents per 10cm (approx. equivalent 7.62 dpi). Please enter the number of cm required in the quantity field.

    When ordering a reed, check the overall length of the reed you are replacing, including the end caps which add about 2cm to the total length. The reed height is normally defined by the size of the opening in the beater. Most looms are flexible in the height of the reed they can accept, which is defined by the shed created between the beater and the upper warps. If you're not sure how to measure for your reed, please give us a ring on 01483 565800 as these cut to order items cannot be returned.

    Due to the limitations of our system, it is not possible to order multiples of this reed from the website. To prevent confusion, please ring us to place an order for more than one 30 dent per 10cm x 10 cm high reed.

    Please enter the overall length of your reed, which includes the 2cm allowance for end-caps.