Yarn Management

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A useful selection of tools designed to make light work of winding and managing yarns after spinning, and during weaving or knitting.

The handheld Niddy Noddy provides a quick and simple method of winding yarn into hanks. An Umbrella Swift can also be used to wind hanks of yarn and is particularly useful for winding yarn from ready-made hanks into balls. Its framework is very similar to an umbrella so it can be folded up or expanded by raising or lowering the clamp on the central support. The Umbrella Swift can be clamped to a table top and rotates freely to allow for fast winding and can be used alongside the Ball Winder. The Ball Winder can also be clamped to a table top and quickly produces an evenly tensioned, centre pull ball of yarn.

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Warping up a loom can seem quite daunting, especially for beginner weavers. It is important to measure the yarn to equal lengths using a constant tension and the best way to achieve this is by using warping posts (or pegs), a warping board or a warping mill. Warping posts incude upright pegs which can be secured to a table top with a bracket. The yarn is wound from one post to another to create the lengths of warp.

Warping frames incorporate the pegs around a frame and the warp yarn is wound from the top pegs, left to right between the pegs at the edges down to the pegs at the bottom. The yarn is turned back on itself at the last peg before reversing the process back up to the top.

A warping mill can be utilised to wind off particularly long lengths of warp. It incorporates a number of pegs mounted on a rotating framework. The yarn is wound around the top set of pegs and as the mill is rotated the yarn is fed down around the body of the frame to a second set of pegs. At the last peg, the yarn is turned back on itself to repeat the process is reverse back up around the framework to the first peg.

Another winding tool is the Bobbin Winder. Place cardboard pirns or shuttle bobbins over the shaft of the winder to quickly load them with weaving yarns.

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