Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom Reeds – 40cm / 16 inch


Ashford products are made in New Zealand, shipped by sea and then distributed through an agent in the UK. This arrangement gives rise to many issues with long and unpredictable delays in receiving stock and inadequate communications over deliveries. We find this extremely embarrassing but are unable to influence Ashford’s practices which are so damaging to customer relations. Please bear with us.

On the 18 January 2022 we received a shipment of 215 Ashford products into our warehouse. This only partly met the 365 of our outstanding customer orders, some from as long ago as September 2021. During February and March we received just over 250 items of the over 350 items which were on back order. Particular problems still exist with the Traditional wheels which are on a ship somewhere, some Stainless Steel reeds, as well as the 60cm Vari-Dent Rigid Heddle reed which is in production.

Ashford have issued a new price list which included significant cost increases. Unfortunately retail prices increased on 1 March 2022

We update our stock levels daily. If the product shows “in stock” the item is available to order.

You can still place and pay for your order using the ‘Add to Basket’ button.  It will be sent on to you as soon as we receive the goods from Ashford’s UK agents.

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