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Glimakra Standard Countermarch Loom 10 shaft - 150cmA piece of cloth can be woven on a simple loom using basic weaving techniques. Cloth is created by passing a yarn (the weft) under and over another yarn (the warp) which is suspended across a frame. A more complex cloth is created on a loom which has multiple shafts. These shafts lift and divide segments of the warp to create a gap (the shed) so that the yarns create a pattern.

Narrow or band weaving can be produced on small portable weaving equipment such as tablet weaving cards or inkle looms and the woven cloth can be used to make straps or belts or it can be stitched along its length to create larger pieces of cloth. Rigid heddle looms provide a wider weaving width and incorporate a reed which lifts and separates the weft to create the shed within the warp. These looms are ideal for beginners as they are simple to warped up and can be used in the lap, on a table top or on a stand to create a plain weave.

A table loom offers more complex weaving by opening and closing the warp using a series of shafts which lift heddles tied to each of the warp threads. The shafts are lifted in different combinations to change the opening in the shed and allow for varied patterning. A floor loom operates in a similar way and incorporates foot operated treadles to control the shafts.

Our Blog includes a number of posts which will help you to understand the basics of weaving and to help choose the correct weaving loom.

We supply weaving tools from Louet, Schacht, Kromski, Glimakra and Ashford and any of those not listed can be ordered in especially for you. Special order spinning and weaving items not included on this website take between 4-6 weeks and we will require a 10% deposit for these non-stock items. Please telephone: 01483 565800 for further information.