Fineline Applicator 18 gauge / 0.8mm (3 pack)


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    Pack of 3 Fineline Applicators with 18 gauge (0.8mm) stainless steel dispensing tip (nib) and air tight cap. A wire, which is longer than the 20mm long nib, is attached to the inside of the cap and is pushed up inside the nib when not in use. This prevents liquids from clogging the nib, making it ready for use at all times.

    Use for precision application of water based adhesives, liquid acrylics, fabric paints, icing, glazes and slip, masking fluids, cold liquid wax resist, silk paint outliners and gutta, and many other water based liquids in varying viscosities.

    We recommend practising with the applicator before starting work. Unscrew the nib section of the low-density polypropylene plastic bottle and fill with your chosen medium (it will take approximately 35ml), replace the top and screw in place. Hold the applicator in a comfortable position, as you would a pen or pencil (either vertically or horizontally). The liquid will flow smoothly from the nib with very little pressure.

    Please note that the applicator is not suitable for use with cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesives.