Jacquard Pinata Color Alcohol Inks, 14.79ml


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Jacquard Pinata Color alcohol inks open up a huge number of possiblities for design. These alcohol inks contain high quality, lightfast dyes which produce vibrant transparent colours. Pinata inks dry quickly on any non-porous surface including ceramics, metal, glass, stone, polymer clay, silver clays, resin, fibreglass and plastic. They are also effective as a stain for wood, leather and other porous surfaces.

This indelible permanent ink has excellent surface adhesion and is impervious to water. Jaquard Pinata Colors can be used to paint designs on crockery, vases, and even windows. Pour into clear plastic tubing, allow to dry, and slice up to make colourful beads. drip some colours onto an upturned cup allow the alcohol inks to run into each other, or drop small amounts into a mould containing unset resin to capture the bubbles of colour.

Experiment further by mixing with Claro Extender to extend the working and drying time, or brush it over dry Pinata to make the colours spread for faux stone effects. Thin Pinato with alcohol to lighten the colours or brush over the top of dry Pinata to dull back the glossy finish. Create pastel shades by combining the Pinata ink colours with Blanco Blanco (white) Pinata. Here are some useful instructions for the Pinata Inks

Jacquard Pinata alcohol inks clean-up easily with rubbing alcohol, or with Pinata Clean-Up Solution which is also recommended as a final rinse for brushes.

14.79ml plastic dropper bottles (Safety note: Alcohol inks are flammable and an eye irritant. Keep out of reach of children. Contains denatured alcohol.)