Kromski Harp Forte Rigid Heddle Loom - 40cm / 16in


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    16 inch Kromski Harp Forte Rigid Heddle Loom crafted from European Alder wood with a clear varnish finish. The skilled wood craftsmen at Kromski had built spinning wheels for decades before developing and producing this functional rigid heddle loom which has grown in popularity for weavers worldwide. It is instantly recognisable for its beautiful scrolls at each corner,

    The loom features innovative metal ratchet and pawl tension mechanisms with include rare earth magnets that act as a lock system. The convenient built in warping board on the back of the loom, and the Warping Helper and direct warping peg and clamp make light work of warping up, while the double heddle block allows you to use a second heddle in your weaving. The latches on either side of the loom can be lifted to allow for the loom to be folded with the weaving in place, thereby turning the scrolls into sturdy feet on which to safely stand the loom.

    The Kromski Harp Forte loom comes with all the tools you need to start your first weaving project. The 2 clamps help to secure the loom while weaving on a table top, or it can be converted to a free standing loom by mounting on the stand which is sold separately.

    Included with your loom purchase are:

    • 8 dent rigid heddle reed
    • Reed Threading Hook
    • 2 Stick Shuttles
    • Pick-up Stick
    • 2 Clamps
    • Direct Warping Peg
    • 12 Warping Board Pegs
    • Warp Helper Cord

    Available to order separately are a range of other accessories for the Kromski Harp Forte Loom including the loom stand, carry bag, and rigid heddle reeds in 5 dpi, 8 dpi, 10 dpi and 12 dpi